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Well, from getting off to a good start with my machine embroidery course, I have not got much further with it.

It’s not that I’ve been completely ‘craft lazy’, I have been working on a couple of cross stitch items but I just cannot be bothered to work on my course at all!

i have completed one cross stitch picture and nearly finished a second one but not quite sure what to do with them. I have a few ideas and think I have narrowed it down to making a miniature Christmas cushion, and a little christmas door handle decoration using felt and a miniature coat hanger. The only problem is, I tend to have lots of ideas of what to do, but never actually follow through in making my pictures into something, so to make sure I actually complete a project (or two) this time, I’ve decided to post the completed items on here on Sunday. (I’m hoping doing this will motivate the to complete them!!)