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Whilst I’ve been off work I may have gone slightly mad ordering lots of craft supplies, but when the packages arrived, it was brilliant! I must admit, I’m a bit of a geek for craft supplies, whether it’s fabric, card, pens, anything. I just never have enough, although I’m really starting to run out of space!!

I’ve also recently had a bit of inspiration and made quite a few items including some more miniature cross-stitch cushions that I have adapted with a bit of ribbon and a button so they can be hung from the tree or doors. I’ve also made some little felt watermelon fridge magnets with amazingly strong magnets. I’m currently testing them on my fridge adding more sheets of paper to see how much they will hold. I’ll let you know when they can’t take anymore, but I’m really impressed as the actual magnet is incredibly tiny.

I’ve been having so many ideas of what I can make recently I’ve had to start writing them down so I don’t forget. I just wish there were more hours in a day, or that the annoying bits that take so long, such as cutting all the pieces I need etc, could be outsourced so I can get onto the bit I like best, putting it all together and watching it transform into a finished project.

In a bid to try and get my dream of having a craft business off the ground, I’ve signed up for an online course that does just that, as although my background is finance, it’s in a completely different area to this.

One day my dream will happen……….