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Well, it’s been a long time since I last wrote on here. Can’t quite believe how long, but during this past year I have moved from Belgium to Germany and recently to Saudi Arabia (2 days ago actually!!) so i’m using that as my excuse for not writing all this time.

I’m hoping this little blog will eventually turn into an informative (but fun) view on the ‘trials and tribulations’ of crafting and trying to set up a little craft business in Saudi.

My first few tasks are to firstly; turn one of the rooms into my craft room (before and after pictures will follow) however at the moment it is just full of boxes of craft stuff that I managed to post out here, and secondly; to start finding cold process soap making equipment, i.e. drain cleaner and oils – i’m assuming both will be really easy to find out here. I was hoping to make pour and melt soap here for ease as if anyone looks in the kitchen window and see’s me cooking up liquids with a face mask and goggles on, I think it will look a bit dodgy!!! however I can’t get Glycerine through the postal system and have absolutely no idea where I would be able to buy it, so for now, cold process soap making it will be.

Just off to venture to the supermarket on my own for the first time 🙂