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Well, now that Christmas and New Year is out of the way I thought I would get my crafting hat back on. I am still waiting for my soap supplies to arrive from the UK which is slowly dwindling from my original order as each day it seems another item that I ordered has been rejected, so I decided whilst I am waiting for the remaining (now very few) items soap making items to arrive, I though it would be the perfect time to get to grips with my brother scanncut.

I’ve had this machine for a number of months now, and although I managed to destroy one of the cutting mats the first time I used it trying to cut felt, I think I’ve pretty much started to get used to it, at least, I’m not cutting through the mat quite so deeply now! 🙂

As I’ve started getting on ok with machine using the pre-programmed images, I thought I would start to use the scan part of the machine, however, I’m not stupid, but this really isn’t simple at all, and what is really annoying me now is the machine saves the images in a format that isn’t compatible with either the machine or Canvas. Instead, I have to ‘trace’ them into canvas, but so far, every single image I have tried to do this with has come out really badly and misses a lot of the detail. Think it’s time I left it for a bit before I throw it out of the window!!!!