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Well, I’ve had a bit of a busy couple of weeks. I suddenly had a huge number of orders for soaps and cards for mothers day.


This is one of the soap orders

I seem to have found my niche – men needing last minute gifts and cards for their wives! This has been going surprisingly well but I want to open it up more so I’m currently setting up a facebook page so people can see what I make and can then purchase things without waiting for my husband to take my items into work. Only problem is that I wasn’t expecting the demand I’ve received so I’ve pretty much run out of items, and I’ve been having to make a whole load of last minute cards as I ran out, so I’m going to have to get busy making over the next few weeks so I have some items to show on my Facebook page.

During this busy period, we also managed to fit in a weekend to Abu Dhabi to visit family. We drove over for the first time and it was surprisingly  easy, I was worried it would be desolate desert roads, but although it wasn’t busy at all, the was still constant vehicles and numerous petrol stations (with HUGE supermarkets) all the way so it was actually a good drive, and on the way back, some camels decided to come and say hello to us and just stepped out in front of the car! It was amazing!! 🙂

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