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Whilst we were on holiday I had a look at the types of soaps some of the shops were selling as well as the packaging and prices. Doing this got me thinking about the name of my business. When I chose Little Items Boutique as a name, I chose it as I wanted to show that I made a number of different, good quality items and felt the name showed that, however after talking it through with my husband, I’ve now realised that it isn’t the right name for what I do (thankfully, as no one really knows the name, it’s the perfect time to change it)!

I wanted a name that shows what I do, but without confusing customers. It needed to be specific however as I enjoy making a number of different things such as soaps and cards and although I really want to concentrate at the moment on the soap making side, I still want to spend some time making a go of card making and cross-stitch hangings so we decided on a name that I think enables me to cover the different aspects of what I do, but also sounds like I’m serious about what I do, so for the soapmaking side, we came up with: K.E.R Cosmetics

The idea behind this was that K.E.R are my initials and by using them across all my different products, it will eventually enable me to have a proper brand name that covers everything I make. K.E.R Cosmetics will give me the space to expand my soap making into other products such as bath salts, lotions and so on, and K.E.R Designs will enable me to sell my other products such as cards etc all under the K.E.R umberella.

That’s the dream anyway, so we’ll see. I’m still toying with the name but I do really like it. Now to come up with a Logo……..

If you have any thoughts on the name, I’d be interested in hearing them.

Bye for now 🙂