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I was asked to make a birthday card for someone’s wife. They wanted a larger card than I normally make (I don’t have envelopes in the larger sizes) so decided to make a pretty little box for it to go in.

I wanted the card to look quite elegant so decided to use black as the main colour of the card and stuck to just a couple of colours.

The box was a bit of a pain to make though, I tried to rush it and wasn’t really paying attention so ended up having to make the box a fair few times to get it right! I made the box the wrong side, then made the bottom far too small compared to the lid, I cut all the side tags off and numerous other mistakes, but finally, I got it right!!! 🙂

To make the box lid a little bit special, I made a little tassel which I threaded with some beads and pasted to the box lid.


Just for you...

Just for you…