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One of the products I showed the shop were my felt hearts which they have asked me to provide so I have been busy getting them ready. The longest and hardest part was deciding how to package them as I wanted customers to be able to see them easily, but that was also in keeping with my business and that was elegant looking, but not too fussy.

These are very easy to make and to making a couple of changes gives the hearts a different look so they don’t all look exactly the same.

image  This is all you need to make these lovely felt hearts.

I have used beads to decorate the front of the heart, but you can use buttons or anything you have in your stash.

My Brother Scanncut was used to cut the hearts out (I cannot cut neatly to save my life) and used beads and buttons and ribbon I had in my stash.

A smaller heart out of red felt was cut and a few beads were stitched onto the front. The red heart was attached to the top piece of the white heart using blanket stitch.

Front of felt heart

Front of felt heart

Ribbon was fastened to the back of the heart using very small white stitches then the bottom piece of the white felt was attached to the top piece using blanket stitch. I started at the top by the ribbon then stitched all the way round, leaving a small gap at the side to add some stuffing. I finished the blanket stitch and make a couple of small stitches through the top of the heart and ribbon and tied in a small knot.

imageThese are a few of the different designs I have made, I hope they sell! 🙂