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As I’ve used up all my scents and my orders are still somewhere in the postal system, I decided to make a soap using normal everyday ingredients but make it a fun soap.

To do this, I decided on cupcakes as I love soap cupcakes and think they look so good.

I wanted either the base or the icing to be as white as possible and as I don’t have any titanium dioxide I decided to swap some water with coconut milk for my liquid and tried to use lighter coloured oils, so rather than my soap being Olive Oil heavy like it normally is, I switched some for Canola Oil. I added cocoa powder to the base to give it a ‘chocolatie’ look and a slight chocolate scent.

Nothing was added to the ‘frosting’ as I wanted this to be as light as possible.

I’ve always had issues with the ‘frosting’ part though as I can never seem to get it right, but thankfully it doesn’t look too bad this time, although I think I should have made it much thicker as it was still quite soft when I started frosting.

Enjoy!! 🙂


I had some batter left over from the frosting and as I hadn’t made it too thick, I was able to pour some into a little loaf mould to make some little creamy natural bars.